“The Best of my technique in my tricks and the best of my heart for you.”
- René Lavand -


My name is Alan Brian and i'm an Illusionist with more than 15 years of experience in the genre of entertainment.

If you are looking for a show of magic with humor for entertain your guests, you are in correct place.

I invite you have a look at this site, and then you can see the different alternatives and find the one that best suits your needs.

Please Welcome to the Wonderfull World of Magic, Abrakadabra…



We offer different class of magic show, all of them witha sense of humor and amaze but above all: MAGIC.

From family and corporation shows until special events and much more!

Take a ride in the different proporsal we have to make turn your event into special and unique moment.


Main Show

A careful combination mix magic with a distinguished mood joyful. A participatory and dynamic show that produces in the guests laughter and amazement. A careful humor but very effective. Top-level premium illusions, you will see in the show effects of different branches of magic, such as mentalism (Thinking readings, adivinations, puzzles etc.), manipulation (hand skill), musical magic (magic effects without speaking, accompanied by specially selected musical themes), 100% participatory magic (at the beginning of the show, all the audience participates in a magic experience at the same time with the artist), magic with cards, and much more... This show can be performed in the privacy of a living room of a house, and even in event hall. An excellent choice for those who want to live a unique experience with their guests.

Close Up Magic

In this kind of magic, it is where you have the chance to see the skill of a magician at its best. The illusionists are mixed among the people and approach the different groups of guests performing amazing magic effects at close range distance. This brings entertainment, a environment of "ice breaking" allowing people to be ready for a special moment... Suitable to receptions, cocktails or magic around the tables. Magical effects are made with common materials such as cards, elastic bands, coins, cell phones, etc. Because magic happens in the hands of the spectators!

See the gallery with pictures and videos of our shows


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